According to a Scottish statesman, Thomas Carlyle, The history of the world is but a biography of great men. As a social critics and commentator, he foreknew that the bowel of time was forever rich to birth great leaders, and will build and secure the future of his people on a sound foundation. Rt. Hon. Bassey Etim and few others fall within Carlyles mental frame work of people without the desire to live and walk the sands of time in vain.
No doubt, the history of Akwa ibom State North East Senatorial District between 2015-2019, will essentially reflect nothing, but the biography of Rt. Hon. Bassey Etim. No matter how much he is despised for vigorously going after justice in the just concluded National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal in Uyo and Court of Appeal, Calabar, Cross River State, he will always be remembered because he has fulfilled one of the conditions necessary for history to remember… write a book worth reading or do something worth writing about.
Like Wole Soyinkas The Man died The boundary of geography of victim of tyranny of ten extends to encompass those who feel protected by silence in the face of tyranny. He refused to be silence for posterity, the immutable plaintiff to judge him; condemning or endorsing his effort in accordance with its own terms of reference.
Notwithstanding the demoralizing Appeal Court judgment, the most painful part being that the panel delivered judgment 8 days after, they were ordered by the president of Appeal Court to distant themselves from the case between Senator Bassey Albert Akpan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Rt. Hon. Bassey Etim of All Progressives Congress (APC). Etim is insisting that Senator Bassey Albert Akpan was not qualified to have stood the election based on three reasons; dual location of birth place, forgery and electoral malpractices.
Come to think of this personality, the Ono-Owo Utom 1, a calm politician, the best senator Akwa Ibom North East never had and a leader per excellence, during whose tenure in the House of Representative over 32 bills and motion were sponsored, caused the Federal Government to pay compensation to victims of Utan Brama Fire disaster, Compelled Shell Petroleum Development Corporation, through a motion to clean up pollution caused by abandoned oil wells in Uruan L.G.A. and pay compensation to victims, facilitated the employment of over 209,000 unemployed youth etc.
Speaking with a team of journalist immediately after the Appeal Court judgment, he explained that a strong urge to serve his father land propelled him into the turbulent waters of Nigeria politics, emphasizing that his desire to serve the people of Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial District in the senate was not for personal aggrandizement but to truly serve the people in the true sense of the word.
While describing the judgment as a coup against justice, he admonished his teaming supporters to be calmed and law abiding as their interest would be fully accommodated in the party. He used the occasion to thank the leadership of the party for their support, even as he prayed God to reward them accordingly.
Quite frankly, the melo-drama at Appeal Court, Calabar will always remind every politically conscious persons that the change begins with you has not really touched most Nigerians. But one thing is certain; justice will always prevail. Martin Luther Jnr., made no mistake when he said The ultimate measure o man is not when he stands in the moment of comfort and convenience, but when he stands in the moment of challenge and controversy Rt. Hon. Bassey Etim has been tested and proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is indeed a dogged fighter and fine gentleman.
Moreover, as PDP rolled out drums to celebrate their victory at the Appeal Court. It must be understood that the trouble with the prophetic truth is its stubborn insistence and continual reminder that a nation that ignores its danger signal lives to mourn a major disaster.