SHOCKING: How Gov. Udom Abandoned Abak 10-Ibiakpan-Abiakpo-Otoro/Manta Road

By the fair judgement of well meaning Stakeholders in the Akwa Ibom Project, this Government would go down in history as the worst in the annals of political history of the State.

Reasons for this judgement are not farfetched. Four years and five months in office and with the over four trillion naira accrued to the coffers of the State Government and the over Seventy billion naira returned to the State Government by APC Federal Government for the Federal roads fixed by the Obong Victor Attah and Senator Godswill Akpabio administrations, the current government can’t point at one project it has initiated and completed.

On records, the only projects successfully done by Deacon Udom led Government are campaign of calumny against Senator Godswill Akpabio, Obong Nsima Ekere and other APC stakeholders in the State.

This is the present condition of Abak 10 -Ibiakpan-Otoro-Ibiakpan Manta road, Abak. It is one of the projects PDP apologists used to campaign during the last election.

Residents of the road have lost property and investments worth millions of naira in this rainy season as a result of the condition of the road but unfortunately that doesn’t bother the Government.

It can be recalled that by 2010, Senator Akpabio had completed and commissioned the following projects: Aka Etinan, Banking layout, House of Assembly road, NewLife Church road, Idoro road, Akpan Andem market phase 2, Enen Esit road among many other projects.



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