Shocking! Crisis Rocks Qua Iboe Church Over “Name Change” – FriendlyNews

Fresh crisis greeted Qua Iboe Church Nigeria, 112 Ikot Ekpene Road, Oku, Uyo last Sunday following the announcement by the Secretary of the Church, of the decision by the Church Committee and other stakeholders to join the National Council of Qua Iboe Church Nigeria, in spite of the inconclusive legal battle said to have been embarked by some members of the church in view of the schism, which has engulfed leadership of the church in recent times, over the issue of name change.

FriendlyNews gathered that, the Church Secretary, Mr. Sylvester Edem, while making the announcement during church service, admitted that the church had been encircled by a number of issues over the years, as a result of attempts by some members of the church to change of the name of the church from Qua Iboe Church to United Evangelical Church.

He noted that Quo Iboe church, Oku, had remained neutral in the naming conflict, expecting resolution of the conflict by leaderships of the factions in the conflict, until last Saturday, when the church committee and other stakeholders met and resolved that the church should no longer take a middle position, but should align with the National Council of the Qua Iboe Church Nigeria for both pastoral and administrative services.

The Secretary further announced the decision of the Committee to disassociate herself with the pastoral services of the Resident Pastor, Rev. Ibup Emma. However, the announcements were greeted by dissenting voices in the background, although the presence of heavily armed security operatives during the service hours did not allow the uproar to get out of hand.

Our, interactions with some members in the premises of the church, revealed that the decisions of the Committee to join Qua Iboe Church Nigeria amidst the case in court, was not unanimous and tantamount to contempt of court.

The sources, who spoke under condition of anonymity, told our reporters that even at the Committee meeting where the said decisions were reached, there was pandemonium because of stiff opposition of some members who rejected the decisions. But other sources, who spoke in favour of the alleged decisions of the church, told our reporters that the decisions of the Committee were subject to the agreement of the majority of members of the church. The sources, also, told our reporters that they decided to join.

However some Committee members maintained that more than ninety eight percent of members who worship in the Oku Church are in favour of the name change to United Evangelical Church. Report that reached our News Desk Yesterday, said that the Oku Church was under lock and keys by the Police authority in the State.

Effort to speak with the Chairman of the Committee, Elder Effiong Eakin, at the time of filing this report was abortive. However, it is no longer news that Qua Iboe Church Nigeria has been under pressure following the decision of some of her members in recent times, to change the name of the church to the United Evangelical Church.

By Mfon Okon