In Rivers State, we almost entirely survive by politics—and that in turn makes everything about our governance heavily politicized. A better society would rather have the greater population surviving by their free enterprise whereas the government would depend on such free enterprise for its sustenance.

Rewarding and sustainable free enterprise loathes politics and other contrivances: it demands excellence, efficiency and truth. Therefore, governance that depends on such free enterprise for survival and success must first consider the sustenance of such enterprises—hence the inevitable transparency of such governments-which in turn would always command the best of efforts and brains of the society to manage it.

In our case, rather than governance being defined by the people and their enterprises as explained, the our heavily politicized governance seems to create and define everything ab initio. It is the creator of our LGAs —which ought to be natural agglomeration of people who associate for survival at that level. Government even interferes with our organic societies, as it politicizes choices of their community heads (CHIEFS, IGWE, EZE, ) The government controls people’s resources and then shares same by politics, it controls even Universities—everything.

Worse still, for all these things which are centrally controlled by the government of a very heterogeneous state as ours, it readily implies that inter-sectional and inter-ethnic balancing must be considered in running them before any other considerations. Go to Rivers State higher institutions: Vice Chancellor is politically employed and then he too politically employs every other person downline—based on mere politics.

These considerations precede the excellence demands of the university. Go to the State agencies: no professional demands—only politics of “Whose turn”. In schools, it is about using the public schools in a State to grant indigenous people jobs before considering teaching quality. The LGAs are not spheres where people associate for collective prosperity: they are creations of governments to grant ethnic people their own Federal cake through the offices therein and allocations accruing to same.

The entirety of Rivers State government is about a very mammoth government contrived by very mentally lazy people who have come to define government as the sharing of centralized benefits at very minimal liabilities to them.

Some people aver that Rivers State failure is about its political leadership: that is the greatest lie that makes salvation the farthest it could be from Rivers at every point in time. A political culture that informs a peculiar kind of primitive politicking throughout the State could not be said to be caused by those in government alone—more so when we often change those in government. Such political culture could also not be healed by individual repentance or the bravado of one or even pockets of saintly leaders.

Any sincere Nigerian need not observe the political leaders alone to find our governance a huge farce: they just need to observe their localities to observe how much the people are willing for their lives to be ordered by what is supposed to be their own governance.

By Okere Chimaraoke


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