Drama In Court As PDP Indicts Own Lawyers

The PDP and Governor Udom Emmanuel are once again caught in the web of inconsistencies as beneficiaries of the indefensible heist conducted by INEC in March 9, 2019.

As an afterthought, agents of the party now seek to discredit admissible and admitted evidence led at the Tribunal in the ongoing Governorship petition hearings.

The video evidence which was played in open Court and admitted as exhibit was recorded and tendered by an INEC ad-hoc staff. He was cross examined by all Counsel to Respondents.

The video showed vividly how elections were rigged in favour of PDP by INEC staff.

The law is that evidence is admissible irrespective of how it was procured once it is relevant and pleaded.

Except this present feeble effort is a tacit indictment on Counsel to Governor Udom and PDP, it is difficult to appreciate its evidential worth.

Counsel to Governor Udom Chief Assam Assam, SAN had failed to cross examine one Inang from Mkpat Enin on grounds that the PVC he tendered was not admitted as evidence. Such shameful but avoidable lapse by Counsel may explain why the PDP would rather attempt a review of proceedings outside of the Courtroom. This is a vote of no confidence of their lawyers who have been drawn from all parts of the federation in a desperate attempt at validating the fraud perpetrated on March 9.

#JusticeForONE #JusticeForALL