No Witnesses, No Compassion, No Friends; The Story of Akwa Ibom – Ata Ikiddeh

Who in PDP wants to stand witness for a man who doesn’t hug people. Who in PDP wants to stand witness for a man who has no warmth in his eyes. Who wants to stand witness for a man who thinks shaking hands with him is a rare privilege and you should leave his presence and not ask him for anything. Who wants to stand witness for a man who will never ask you, how you are doing? Who wants to stand witness for a man who cannot say,” I heard your wife was sick, how is she doing now?” Who wants to stand witness for a man who forgets people’s names, except his own name. Who in PDP wants to stand witness for a man who is afraid of calling people out of the blues, because he doesn’t want people to ask him for assistance. Who wants to stand witness for a man, if he doesn’t see you for a year will not ask of you or look for you, in fact he will be happy because you are less one PDP headache! Who in PDP wants to stand witness for a man who refuses to read the pain in people’s eyes, we are a proud people sometimes we rather die than tell people life is killing us, it is worst when you know the other man who should assist you has a rock stuck between his outer ears and his eardrums. Who wants to stand witness for a child who shakes elders with one hand in his pocket, will he shake yours!!?? Who wants to stand witness for a man who never visits his sick aides in hospital or who pretends he hasn’t heard of the ordeal your are facing. Who wants to stand witness for a man who knows his personal cook and driver have been wearing the same shirts and shoes since 2015 and when he is in the UK has NEVER thought of branching into Marks and Spencer and bought his domestic staff shirts, trousers and shoes. Therefore when I tell you – Gov Udom has NO COMPASSION some of you don’t understand what I am talking about, ‘Ette do inyehe esit, itwaha owo mbom”. He doesn’t know how to feel compassion. The White man has a name for it – it is called a lack of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE!

How can you stand witness for a man who will never send you a text message saying,” thank you for your testimony today”. He wouldn’t send such a message, “Mbag udu dwe ubip enye ‘nkpo’ …” (Pls forgive my written Ibibio which looks more Russian than the real thing but you all get my drift).

Honestly I don’t know how we ended up with such a cold blooded leader. I mean Cold. Today all the witnesses refuse to testify because they want to use their testimonies to pay for their children’s school fees in September. This wasn’t the case in Akpabio’s time, in 2007, 2011 and 2015 people were literally falling over themselves to testify because the man they were doing it for was a man of COMPASSION, “Godswill ake do adionge idem owo”. He was a man who after the testimonies in court would often invite the lawyers and the witnesses to have lunch with him in Hill top mansion and he would thank everyone (sometimes he was present, other times he will be absent but provisions were made). At the times he was present, he wouldn’t sit on the high table – he will sit among the people, talk, laugh and share jokes with them. No price or sum was negotiated, you did it for the Governor you loved and you always knew you will leave the mansion happy. But the Napoleon Bonaparte we have in the Hill Top mansion has no such people skills – he is an auditor, auditing everybody, every word, every gesture and every handshake that comes his way.

Nobody really loves Governor Udom. Show me his friends – show me those who will stick by him when he begins to unravel. Sometimes I wonder if he takes pleasure in humiliating and manipulating people. And he doesn’t seem to mind what people think about him – which i think is a good thing , because if he really knew what people think of him – I don’t think he would function as Governor because the bare truth would send him into the wilderness for some soul searching.

Therefore as he manipulates people , people will in turn continue to use him and manipulate him like a slot machine. The money he says he doesn’t have I trust our people they will look for inventive and creative ways to squeeze it out of his clenched fists. Look at what they did to him during the 2019 elections – he knew he was being fleeced – shege!; but there was nothing he could do – those PDP robbers tied him up and went thorough all his pockets, he was totally helpless. I even felt sorry for him at one point.

There is nothing as bad as an unkind man – who thinks he’s smart but who is not street wise: Because the street wise rats around him will eat through his sacks of gold – while he still clutches on the few miserly silver coins in his phalanges.

Which finally brings me to my last point (because I never write about Gov Udom without mentioning unemployment). No wonder the wealthiest and the richest State in Africa is the poverty capital of the black continent – not because we don’t have the resources but because we have a leader with a heart of granite. He doesn’t see why and how our youths and the sweltering masses are our greatest investment and wealth in agriculture. A man without COMPASSION cannot see such things because his mind calculates and audits everything. He rather build a Turkish flour mill and lie to us it will employ 1,500 people! Did they not say the same things about the Rice Mill!!? Where is the Rice Mill today!!?? Governor Udom’s unholy cabinet alliance with Mrs Glory Edet has been designed on a bed of deceit to ensure our proud women are humbled and kept under lock and key as fuel for 2023 – there is no genuine desire in Governor Udom to end poverty and bring about a sincere genuine Agricultural Revolution to our promise land , even after my good and efficient friend Engr Ufot Ebong his SA on Technical Matters (aka Mr Tomatoes) has patiently dangled the keys of revolution the last 4 years before his eyes.

It is being alleged Governor Udom is only interested in floating his new bank after he leaves office. With his commanding shares in Zenith Bank behind his former financial boss and his majority shares in Heritage bank – who cares about unemployment, agriculture and poverty?

Does a man have to bribe his witnesses, where are his friends? Not a single member of his cabinet is ready stick his head out for him, no SA or PA wants to testify, except as it’s also being alleged for a handsome fee.

This is the sorry state of our very own Napoleon Bonaparte!

© Ata Ikiddeh