It will be recalled that at the first sitting of the Tribunal, Ekere’s Counsel J. S Okutepa via a motion applied to the Tribunal to effect minor amendment in the petition by replacing the word AND with OR. PDP propagandist went berserk in local tabloids and the social media alleging the petitioner’s unpreparedness for the Tribunal. Again, Petitioner’s counsel applied for leave of Tribunal to insert pages of the amended petition that was inadvertently omitted in the course of filling the process. This time, PDP media hirelings went hysterical crying delay tactics by Ekere to frustrate proceedings at the Tribunal.

To a discerning mind, it was indeed amusing and deceptive that as the Tribunal reconvened yesterday after adjournment on Thursday, 25th July 2019, Counsel to Deacon Udom Emmanuel, Assam Assam (SAN) informed the Tribunal he was not ready for the commencement of Udom’s defence. Mind you, the Tribunal had adjourned on Thursday 25th (precisely for 3 days) and specifically informed counsel that Respondents will commence defence as it reconvenes on Monday 29th. It was both surprising and shocking that contrary to expectation, Assam (SAN) announced the unpreparedness of Udom to commence defence and sought 2 days adjournment by the Tribunal.

Incidentally PDP media hawks have been silent and appear either tongue or hands tied to comment on this deliberate and purposeful delay of proceedings of the Tribunal by Udom. While Ekere’s request was consequential, Udom’s request was intended to achieve an ulterior motive. As we have come to know the request for adjournment was necessitated by a premeditated plan to buy time to quell the rumble in the tattered umbrella. Report has it that witnesses assembled preparatory to Udom’s defence have deserted him. In a thought provoking piece, Ata Ikiddeh wrote, who wants to stand witness for Udom; a man who doesn’t hug people, a man who has no warmth in his eyes, a man who thinks a hand shake with a friend or party-man is a rare privilege, a man who will never ask to know how you are doing, a man who forgets people names except his own, a man who has a rock stuck between his outer ears and his ear drum, and a man who doesn’t care nor show compassion for others.

No Witnesses, No Compassion, No Friends; The Story of Akwa Ibom – Ata Ikiddeh

Udom is reported to be at loggerhead with his party-men most of whom risked life and limps to secure his stolen victory. Before the election, Udom literary poured money on the streets like water. Money, he frequently told his supporters was lacking in the state coffers. He further promised they will be adequately rewarded and compensated after the election. They believed him and rigged the election for him to return to office. Besides reneging on his promise of financial reward, Udom added salt to injury by retaining old State Exco members failing to appoint new Exco members thereby dashing the hopes and aspiration of supporters whose minds were fixated on serving in one capacity or the other in the new government. A combination of factors within his Party and government conspired to work against Deacon Emmanuel’s own political interest. Fall out of the Party primaries, indifference to recent political appointments made by him and last but not the least his “all knowing and tyrannical approach to governance”.

No doubt, his adversaries within the Party and government now see and want to seize opportunity of the Tribunal to exact their pound of flesh. They are holding Deacon Udom Emmanuel on the balls, squeezing real tight to ensure he budges and gives a nod to their demand. There are reports that negotiations are ongoing with the Governor to extract a compromise or concession by aggrieved party men.

Reminds one of the local Nigerian parlance, “Cunny man Die, Cunny man bury am”.

Chief Assam Assam (SAN) should be reminded that 1st Respondent 10 days of defence is running and counting – 8 more days to go.

#JusticeForONE #JusticeForALL

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