INEC Fails To Tender Witnesses, Closes Case At Presidential Tribunal

INEC obviously has shot itself at the foot for the following reasons:

  1. All pleadings and averments contained in INEC response to the PDP/AA petition has been abandoned.

a. The petitioners brought in INEC staff, Videos of INEC personnel including Mr Iginni, an INEC REC and The Chairman of INEC to defend the electronic transmission of results. INEC proffers no response to these or brought witnesses to state the true nature of their position.

b. The petitioners brought in INEC staff who testified that they transmitted the results by entering the proper transmission codes that were given to them by the commission on the card readers. INEC as no witnesses to say otherwise. INEC abandoned its own case.

c. INEC should have brought witnesses to debunk the existence of a server and to counter the claims of the Expert witness from Kenya or INEC should allow the Kenya Expert access to their server to prove contents therein

  1. INEC did not tender any documents to the Election tribunal. They front-loaded one document, but did not also tender that same document in court. Not even the collation documents for declaring Buhari as winner.
  2. The Petitioner tendered 48 CDs of Videos, 3 other CDs of the Akwa Ibom REC detailing the planned electronic transmission of results to the tribunal, including the INEC manual, yet INEC did not present any witnesses to counter the petitioners or to defend itself. Rather they throw in the towel and had nothing to say but that the petitioners have spoken for them
  3. INEC RAN AWAY! INEC in trying to save itself, ran away from answering questions such as:

a. Does INEC use computers, in all its 36 state offices and HQ? Are the computers linked? Is information shared in INEC?

b. Where are all the data of 84m Nigerian voters stored? Where was Voter accreditation information used by the card readers stored?

c. What did INEC do with the appropriated funds for Computer and server purchase and maintenance?

d. The National Assembly elections held at the same time as the presidential elections, yet 4,191 polling units results were cancelled in 14 states, accounting for over 2m votes. The presidential election results in those same polling units were not cancelled. Why?

e. INEC clearly told the world they will electronically transmit results and that they had the equipment and the technical expertise to do same. Is INEC saying that they were stopped by ‘only’ the not signing of the electoral reform bill? Despite the billions invested in the project?

  1. In the case of INEC ICT expert testifying against Ubah in the Anambra Election tribunal; In his testimony, Mr Agwe, an Assistant Director, said he was in court on the authority of Director of INEC ICT Department, who was summoned by the tribunal. He tendered documentary evidence, including Smart Card Reader accreditation data for all polling units in Anambra South with accompanying certificate of compliance. In his oral testimony, He said that INEC ICT unit monitored the process centrally in a National Situation Control Room where Presiding Officers transmitted accreditation data from smart card reader to a “back end”.

a. What is the difference between the back end and a central server?

INEC should have brought witnesses to debunk the server issue as contained in the petition or to state its position. INEC owes Nigerians and indeed the world, an explanation.