Tribunal Chairman:
Please identify yourself

NE: “My Lord, my name is Nsima Udo Ekere”

1st Respondent Counsel cross-examines Witness

Q. Did you know that INEC has no server?
A. What I heard is that INEC didn’t transmit results electronically.

Q. The newspapers tendered say that you didn’t write those articles.
A. Yes, I didn’t write the articles.

Q. Are you aware that over voting is something that happened in the voting units?
A. Yes.

Q. Did you stay in the situation room during the election?
A. I have two situation rooms. One in Uyo and another in my village in Ikot Abasi. I was at the one in my village.

2nd Respondent Counsel Cross-examines Witness

A. In paragraph 15 where you said the Ist Respondent didn’t score valid votes and ought not to be declared as the winner. Can you tell the tribunal which results you referred to? Are they before this court?
A. Yes, they are before the court.

Q. Did you win election in Essien Udim?
A. My plead before the tribunal is the full nullification of AKS election including Essien Udim.

Q. Did you see those PDP gave money for them to vote?
A. Yes, not just me, my agents saw them too.

Q. In paragraph 36 of your withess statement, you listed … where you said accreditation didn’t take place. At least do you know one agent in each of the polling units?
A. Yes.

3rd Respondent’s Counsel continues

A. You gave a full list of all the parties that contest the election.
Q. Yes.

Q. In paragraph 5 you mentioned 45 parties that contested the election
A. Yes.

Q. Of the 45 parties that contested the election, it’s only you and your party that challenge the election?
A. I wouldn’t know.

Q. Do know it is INEC’s responsibility to conduct election?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you agree with me that it is the responsibility of INEC to keep voters’ register?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you know INEC has declared the winner of that election?
A. INEC’s declaration wasn’t correct, that’s the reason I’m here in the tribunal.

Q. Do you have the list of Returning Officers where you said INEC recruited PDP members?
A. I don’t have but in my local government, the RO was a confirmed PDP member who contested the last PDP chairmanship primaries.

Q. You didn’t win elections on the 9th March.
A. I won elections according to unit results presented by my agents.

“Election is a process my lord, a house cannot stand without a foundation. It commences with accreditation to declaration, if one step misses, the process can’t be valid”

~Obong Nsima Ekere witnesses.