Again, Tribunal Deny Udom’s Counsel To Taint APC Witness

The governorship Election Petitions Tribunal today, deny Respondent counsel the opportunity to taint and impugn the character of petitioners witness, Mr. Clement Ikpat.

Silva Oguemoh ( SAN ) Counsel to INEC while cross examining Mr. Ikpat, delved into his career path and stay in the United States. He alleged that witness was dismissed from the Nigeria Police. An allegation the witness vehemently objected informing the Tribunal that he resigned from the Police service.

Oguemoh further alleged that witness had immigration issues while residing in the United States. Witness said No; while Oguemoh told the Tribunal he was going to proof to the Tribunal that the witness had immigration issues in the United States.

There was murmuring from the gallary suggesting disapproval of counsel’s line of intoragation.

Tribunal Chairman in his wisdom promptly intervened. He stopped Oguemoh short of further comments. He said;

“The Tribunal was not the proper forum for him to raise those issues as the Tribunal was not interested. He should seek another venue for his report.