Sealing Off Tilapia Island Resort And Others Is Mischievous

The Akwa Ibom State Internal Revenue Service today sealed off the premises of Tilapia Island Resort on the grounds of tax evasion while issuing warning notice to similar business & corporate entities across the state.
However the Gestapo styled action of the State Agency led by Mr. Leo Leo Umana at Tilapia Island Resort has triggered numerous questions regarding the alleged Tax Evasion of funds in excess of 13 million naira.

Available Records show that there was no prior letter of notification of the accrued tax of #13.4m in two(2) years served on the management of Tilapia Island Resort before the letter preceding today’s action.
Secondly, the Tax ratio of Akwa Ibom State is yet to be made public by the Internal Revenue Service till date.

From the foregoing, it’s pertinent to ask:

What was the tax ratio used in arriving at the #13.4m 2 year Tax on Tilapia Island Resort?

Where is the evidence of the preceding letter of this accrued tax served on Tilapia Island before sealing off their business premises?

Why did the yearly tax levy on #Tilapia surreptitiously escalate from #80,000 to #160,000 and then to #13.4million within the span of 2years as shown in the letters below?

Why would the State Revenue Agency demand a tax audit of #Tilapia with effect from 2012 when the said business never came into existence as at then?

Is Tilapia Island Resort operating in an Urban area as stated in the letter listed below?

These questions and myriads of others are begging for answers from the State Revenue Agency.

The discrepancies in the various Revenue Levies on the underlisted letters smacks more of an apparent act of witch-hunting against Tilapia Island Resort than an attempt to recover evaded tax.