Osongama Residents Cries Out As Floods Takes Over The Estate And Its Environs.

The growing environmental hazard within key areas in Uyo Metropolis these days is something the citizens should rise up and hold The State Government responsible, for failing to protect the properties and welfare of its citizens even when billions of Naira had been allocated to them from WORLD BANK to tackle DRAUGHT AND EROSION CONTROL, but such funds had been shrouded in secrecy.

It will interest you to know that areas like IBB by Women Development Centre, State Secretariat, Atiku Abubakar Highway by Afaha Ube Road, Udotung Street and Its Environs off Nkemba Street has been take over by flood.

The pictures here is from Osongama Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

According to one of the victims who decried bitterly about this growing incidence in Osongama Estate says:

“Our fences are down, our cars buried under water, household properties seriously destroyed, transformers in the area also buried under water, we need the authorities to urgently come and help us, let PHCN not give light in this area because a transformer close to us is covered by this flood.”

Meanwhile, The State Government under Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel hasn’t done anything to address this growing destruction upon the properties of its citizens within the metropolis. Currently, many are homeless and they will continue to be if adequate measures are not put in place.

Mattello Felix Jnr
Concerned Citizen