Tribunal: Drama As INEC Counsel, Judge Engage In Altercation Over PVC Distribution In Kogi West.

There was a tense moment on Thursday at the Kogi State National/House of Assemblies Election petition tribunal when a witness of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) presented a new documents showing the “PVC Balance” for Kogi West Senatorial axis.

The new document contradicted the previous documents of certified true copy of “PVC Distribution” in the senatorial axis obtained by the petitioners, Senator Smart Adeyemi and tendered before the court at the beginning of the trial.

The “PVC Distribution” in the senatorial axis which was attested to by the commission and earlier tendered in court was being used by the petitioners to support their claims of over voting in three LGAs of Ijumu, Lokoja and Mopamuro.

The position of the petitioners are that, votes recorded in the three council areas under disputes are 25,000 more than the number of PVC distributed in the council areas.

Adeyemi held that those votes manifested in the mutilation of results that gave Senator Dino Melaye victory in the election generated from the over voting in the councils areas.

Counsel to Senator Smart Adeyemi, Chief Tony Adeniyi therefore opposed the new document, and demanded from the witness, Mr.Waheed Adedoyin to read the headings of the Certified true Copy of PVC distributions earlier tendered.

The tribunal accepted the position of the petitioners and urged the witness to read the headings of the Certified true Copy of PVC distributions earlier tendered.

The witness who showed no sign of being ready to comply with the directive, refused to read the document.

The tribunal judge said he couldn’t understand how the election commission come up with two different documents (PVC Distribution and PVC Balance) for same purpose.

For close to 10 minutes, their was a stand out in the court as altercation ensued between the tribunal led by Justice Chijoke and INEC counsel, Prof. J Amupitan who tried frantically for the tribunal to accept the new document brought by the witness, Mr. Waheed Adedoyin.

The tribunal later accepted the INEC witness new documents of “PVC balance” as exhibits 2R3, 2R4, 2R5, 2R6, 2R7, 2R8 and 2R9; labelling it as produced but not tendered.

INEC second witness, Salisu Aliyu who is the head of Unit, INEC Training in Electoral Operation, Kogi State however thrown the court into a frenzy mode when he said INEC used a Server to generate the new “PVC Balance” documents.

With the mention of Server the court became rowdy apparently due to the issue of PDP/APC Presidential panel controversy on use of Server records.
INEC however reconfirmed that Sen. Melaye Daniel Dino is also the same Sen. Dino Melaye.

The judge and the INEC counsel however apologized to each other at the end of the sitting, as the tribunal subsequently adjourned to June 27, 2019 for continuation of hearing and for the 3 respondent (PDP) to present their witnesses.