With all sense of excitement, I write to felicitate with you on this great wonderful day in our Land which few didn’t believe it shall come to pass. I thank you for accepting to lead us again out from the perpetual bondage.

Many don’t envision why I chose to canvas for you since 2013. I had the inspiration of doing that because my thought was beyond that moment and it wasn’t limited to the influence of my environment, rather, looking at the future of the yearnings of our people through a transparent democracy and the politics of inclusiveness which you brought to Nigerians. Toward the process, I received all manner of abuses, hatred and unnecessary envy even from my love ones to the extent that I was tagged as an infidel. But those threats weren’t enough to kill the unrepented #Buharist spirit in me. #ThankGod.

You’re a God saint leader, having succeeded in defeating death. Your adventurous and venturesome approaches toward our country’s policy is what the people prayed for over the years.

There’s a quote that says: “You can’t shave a man’s head in his absence”,but Mr. President; You have just succeeded in shaving a man’s head behind him!

History will have it that you buried the politics of godfatherism in our country by defeating all the ex-generals and the gullibles who conspired to frustrate your first tenure just because they couldn’t pocket our collective wealths for personal aggrandizement.

Indeed, this remarkable day will go down in history as you kick-start the second round of leadership in our beloved Nation.

I celebrate your capacity and your doggedness for standing the test of time to rescue the most popular black Nation in the world.
I love you and I will continue to celebrate your achievements as long as God’s grace remains sufficient.


God bless Mr. President.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless the people of Akwa Ibom State.
God bless the All Progressives Congress.

Mattello Felix Jnr:
Concerned Citizen