Peter Okoye To Drag His Twin Brother, Paul To Court For Promoting Show With His Photo

It is clear to see that the Psquare brothers have not let go of the troubles that ruined their singing partnership last year. Peter Okoye took to his Instagram page few hours ago to call out his twin brother, Paul Okoye and his show promoter for using his picture to promote his (Paul’s) show.

Paul Okoye who is now known by the stage name, Rudebuoy, is billed to perform in Angola tomorrow and the show promoters used one of the old photos he took with Peter to promote the show.

While taking to Instagram, Peter otherwise known as Mr P mentioned that it is quite sad they needed his photo to sell their show.

He Wrote:

Na Wa o! So they needed my image to sell their show in Angola. This promoters @pubfoureventosyou’ll be hearing from my lawyers soon. #UnaDonFindMyTrouble.

He then posted another photo his brother had updated on his Instagram page while on transit to Angola to confirm he was actually going to preform at the show.

Well, it looks like some of his fans are not having it and they want him to sue his brother for copyright infringement. One said,

He is not stupid! why should they use his picture to sell out their concert … they didn’t use his picture till they heard is hit one more night and realized it will boost their concert if people taught he was coming … forget blood, this is business, they separated already” one Ife wrote in the comment section.

Another said: All I see is frustration! Paul is better than you, and he is the voice of Psquare, it’s so obvious he has been the one singing all songs when you guys were together, dude you left Psquare and started a different sound, Move on…

However, it is not clear at the moment if Peter plans to sue Rudeboy or the show promoters.